There’s something for everyone in the Top Hair Style Trends for 2014!

Short Hair – Have you noticed the new trend of cutting those long locks into a short hair style?   There are plenty of chic styles to choose from…cute pixie cuts, close cropped hairdos, bobs, and short romantic curls.  Many women have had long hair for so long and several have had extensions, which can damage hair.  So, they’re now wanting healthier hair that’s easier to take care of.  Women that go from long to short hair often say that they feel as if they’ve reinvented themselves.

Long Bob, ‘Lob’ – If you’re not ready to chop it all off, another big trend in hair is the long bob or lob, not long hair, not short hair, but cut somewhat blunt and just above the shoulders.  This cut works on straight and wavy hair. It’s a versatile cut because you can wear it wavy, curled or flat-ironed.  Some have called this the perfect hair style because it looks flattering on any face shape.

Long, Soft Waves – And, for those of you that love your long hair, the other big trend is long hair with smooth, shiny waves.  Keeping your long hair healthy is key to this hair style and waves should be soft and natural-looking.

What hair style will you be sporting in 2014?

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