Best Exercise of All!

Everyone knows the many benefits of exercise.  Regular exercise prevents many diseases, helps you feel better mentally and relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety, helps maintain or keep weight off, reduces stress and improves sleep.  Of course a healthy diet is important as well.

There are so many great options for getting physical…going to the gym to lift weights or take classes, running, hiking or walking, swimming, biking, and yoga.  Newer to the scene but very popular lately is  high intensity interval training (HIIT and Crossfit), barre classes, and digital at home coaching.  The list goes on and on.

So wouldn’t you like to know which exercise experts feel is the best of them all?  Well, there is no doubt that it’s the one that you enjoy and will actually DO on a regular basis!  It really doesn’t matter which you choose just so you get out there and get moving.

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