3 Habits to Quit to Prevent Damaged Hair

In the summer, hair often becomes dry and brittle due to sun exposure or time spent in the pool. Prevent further hair damage by caring for your hair and avoiding these practices, which can be detrimental to its growth. If you’re guilty of any of these hair crimes, it is time to switch up your beauty regimen and try some of our suggested styles instead!

1. Over-washing your hair: Believe it or not, you can actually damage your hair by trying to clean it too often. Although many people have developed a habit out of washing their hair daily, over-washing your hair can actually strip your hair of its natural oils and cause it to become dry and brittle, leading to breakage.

What to do instead: Try purchasing a bottle of dry-shampoo, which will save you from having to wash your hair every single day. With just a few sprays, your hair can achieve that fresh, clean look and you will feel like you’re fresh out of the shower. Most hair care lines have created their own dry-shampoos, which can be found at most drug stores.

2. Putting your hair in a ponytail: Every once in a while, it is okay to pull your hair back out of your face, but to those of you who tie your hair up in a ponytail or bun nearly every day, your hair is likely suffering from breakage as a result. By pulling your hair back and tying it with a tight elastic ponytail holder, you are essentially bending and breaking your hair in a way that is unnatural to its shape. The worst crime? Sleeping with your hair in a ponytail or pulling it up while it is still wet. Avoid these habits at all costs!

What to do instead: Rather than always opting for a ponytail, try putting your hair in a side braid or fishtail braid, both popular looks for summer. If you just cant quit the ponytail, try purchasing hair bands that don’t have elastic in them, so that they won’t pull at your hair strands. Some of the most popular brands for “ouchless” ponytail holders are Goody and Emi-Jay, both sold online and at most popular retailers.

3. Heat exposure: By using curling irons, flat irons, and blowdryers every morning, you are exposing your hair to heat and depleting it of its natural shape and oils. Every once in a while, it is okay to use hot tools to create a certain look, but if these tools are used too often, they can dry your hair out completely and leave you with brittle ends and little natural volume or shape.

What to do instead: Try leaving your hair in its natural shape or pulling it into a side braid or fishtail braid. If you wish to achieve a wavy, sea-side look, try opting for a texturizing sea salt spray, sold at most drug stores, which will give your hair breezy waves without damaging it in the process.


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