Hair Salon vs Drugstore Color: What You Need to Know

When it comes to hair color, there are many products and even brands that have centered their entire focus on inexpensive hair color. While years ago hair salons were the only options for hair color and styling, you can now walk into a CVS or even a grocery store and purchase a box of DIY hair dye for as little as $6.99. With so many cheap and easily accessible options, one might ask why they should pay the extra money to get your hair colored by a professional, so we did some investigating to answer that very question for you.

Salon hair color is safer. Color formulas and products at salons are created specially to color hair without causing major damage. Certain salons even go as far as to only use color formulas that are made up of all-natural ingredients. Although buying hair coloring kits from the drugstore may be cheaper and less time-consuming, the hair formulas can contain harmful chemicals which can pose a threat to your hair’s health, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to split ends.

There is a greater chance that drugstore color will not turn out to be the color you were hoping for. Hair stylists have the experience, training, and skills necessary to create whatever look if is you which to achieve. A hair care professional can pay attention to detail and mix and blend colors to create the perfect look, unlike store-bought color, in which case you must solely trust in the way that the hair color is presented in the photo on the cover of the box.

You will receive excellent customer service at a salon. When dying your hair at home in your bathroom, there is a good chance that the color might not turn out to look exactly how you had hoped or that there will be a few mess-ups. At home, the only way to fix these mess-ups is to purchase another color kit and dye your hair again, which will be extremely stressful on your hair and damage it further. However, at a hair salon, the goal of the hair stylist is for you to feel beautiful and to love the outcome, so they are typically always willing to fix any mess-ups or completely redo the process if necessary.


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