Maintain Your Whitest and Brightest Smile: How to Prevent Teeth Staining

Since elementary school, most people have been taught to keep our teeth clean by brushing our teeth and flossing daily. However, you must be wary of your lifestyle choices as well if you wish to maintain a healthy and white smile. Here are our tips on how to maintain your whitest and brightest smile and avoid (or rid of) teeth staining.

1. Keep Your Teeth Clean: It is important to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily to prevent plaque from accumulating. Many dentists will recommend that electric toothbrushes can be more effective, as they can reach areas that you might not be able to reach when brushing manually.

2. Avoid smoking and drinking dark beverages: Dark beverages such as coffee, coca-cola, or red wine can leave residue on your teeth and eventually build-up over time, creating dark stains. If you can’t give up your dark beverages, try drinking teas, colas, and juices through a straw in order to reduce exposure to your teeth.

3. Try teeth-whitening methods: Teeth whitening methods have become much more easily accessible in recent years, making them available to purchase at drug stores and grocery stores, typically for around $50 or less. However, if you wish to receive a teeth-whitening treatment that will yield greater results for a longer period of time, visit a dentist for a cosmetic cleaning or a professional teeth-whitening session.

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