How to Prevent and Reduce Wrinkles: 3 Essential Practices

Especially in the summertime, extended periods of time in the sun and getting inadequate sleep are just a few major factors that can result in wrinkles. Keep your skin beautiful, healthy, and age-resistant by following these few simple tips. 

1. Avoid extended periods of time in the sun and reduce sun exposure by always applying sunscreen. While some people think that sunscreen is only necessary when heading to the beach or the pool for a long day out by the sun, sunscreen (or some sort of SPF) should really be worn every day. Now, SPF can be found in many make up foundations and body lotions, making it easier to keep your skin safe when heading outdoors.

2. Get adequate sleep every night. Sleep is essential to keeping your skin looking rejuvenated, healthy, and wrinkle-free because your body will produce more HGH, or human growth hormone, which enables skin to stay thick, elastic, and less likely to wrinkle.

3. Spa Treatments such as facials, botox treatments, and deep tissue massages can play a major role in reducing visible wrinkles in the face and other areas of the body. They can also prevent future wrinkles from forming by tightening the skin and energizing it through massage treatments. To learn more about treatments that can help to reduce visible wrinkles and lines, visit

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