Children’s Clothing: Near and Far

We derive more joy from shopping for children than for ourselves. Let us be honest: Children’s clothing is infinitely more adorable than anything found in our closets. Lace trims, beaded animals, and spotty polka dots flourish in children’s clothing stores, and we can’t get enough.

Our obsession with children’s clothing has taken us to shops near and far. Whenever we are abroad, we usually spend an afternoon stuffing suitcases with recent purchases from local shops tailored to fit our favorite tiny friends. When we are unable to venture out to satisfy our shopping cravings, we order items from a few of our beloved shops.

Polarn O. Pyret

Ah, Sweden. The love affair we have with this country would fill thick books. Sweden, in particular Swedish brands (e.g. Ikea and H&M), highly values design, function, and affordability. Polarn O. Pyret is one of the most successful companies based in Sweden, and the collections are affordable and so lovely that they actively fight the throwaway culture. Each piece can be used for years and passed down to younger siblings who will appreciate the classic look of each Polarn O. Pyret item. PO.P recently launched in the US, and we are thrilled that we no longer have to pay exorbitant shipping fees.

Olive Juice

This US brand carries whimsical clothes that hint at days long forgotten. Self-described as quietly beautiful, Olive Juice sketches the French countryside with its intricately designed pieces, and we spend a small fortune on gifts for nieces and nephews. Olive Juice has the quality and artistry that mass-produced clothing lacks, and we appreciate the attention to detail and the highly curated, sophisticated collections. The only suggestion we have to make this shop even better is to create a collection for adults. These clothes are magnificent, and we want one of each, please.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland, another US company, carries charming clothes with the most vibrant patterns. On dreary winter days, a splash of color or excitement brightens every child’s mood, and this is our go-to shop for Christmas gifts. The patterns are sweetly unique and versatile. Winter Wonderland focuses its attention on girls, boys, and babies, but it also branched out into women’s clothing, so if you ever wanted to match your child, now is your chance.

Yes Style

We recently stumbled upon this Japanese store and were pleasantly surprised to locate the sweetest clothes for children. We admit that it does take some hunting to sift through the numerous articles of clothing, but there are some truly delightful items on this site. These clothes are definitely designed for the trendsetters and fashion-forward kid crowd, and we gleefully place orders knowing that our favorite tiny friends will set trends on the playground and in the classroom.

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