Top 4 Alternative Wedding Registries

While the 2014 wedding season is coming to a close, many brides are just starting the planning process for summer 2015 weddings. Our mailboxes are flooding with save the date notices, and conversations with friends often center on wedding registries. Many newly engaged couples are already living together, so the need for the token toaster and requisite towels is low, and couples are on the hunt for alternative wedding registries.

We have found four unique alternatives to the traditional wedding registry, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Changing the Present

We started using Changing the Present several years ago when we realized that birthday and Christmas gifts were unnecessary since we already have everything we need. In lieu of birthday, graduation, and Christmas gifts, we asked family and friends to purchase “gifts” from our Changing the Present registry. Changing the Present partners with international and domestic charities to provide a way for individuals to donate money for specified items or experiences. For example, one gift provides a child in a rural African village with a chick and feed. The child receives instruction on how to raise the chick, and the resulting eggs can be consumed and sold to generate income. The cost of this gift? Only $3! Other gifts include lifesaving immunizations for children for $20, 6 months of night school for children in rural communities in India for $100, and a goat for a family for $175.

My Registry

We recently attended the wedding of a couple that registered for restaurant experiences. Using My Registry, our friends described the restaurants they want to try and listed prices and example meals. They also included notes expressing why a particular restaurant was meaningful to them. The restaurants were located in cities all over the world, and we got a kick out of purchasing a dinner for them in Paris. My Registry allows couples to register for any gift from any website, so the possibilities are endless.


A beautiful and boozy bride-to-be just created a registry on Bottlenotes for 100 bottles of wine! She and her fiancé have a large wine collection and love cracking open bottles of wine during dinner parties. This is the perfect registry for those who love wine and trying new wineries.


For the couple that wants a more personal and meaningful registry, SoKind allows for the registering of unique items such as homemade gifts. A couple can list gifts such as a hand-knitted blanket, paintings, or personal cooking lessons all provided by family and friends. The personalized nature of SoKind makes this registry the sweetest and most unique alternative to traditional wedding registries.

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