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UnBOOKed Appointments has expanded beyond Orange County and has several amazing providers in various major cities. Today’s spotlight highlights two providers from Los Angeles, and we are in awe of the services that they provide.

Lavon Skin Careshutterstock_135645563

As a longtime beauty services patron, I love finding new and innovative beauty techniques. Lavon Skin Care offers a hydrafacial that offers more hydrated and younger looking skin. One of the best parts of living in Southern California is that we have sunshine almost every day of the year, but the drawback is that our skin suffers from the sun damage. With Lavon’s hydrafacial, we can reverse the negative effects of sun damage and revitalize our skin!


shutterstock_187806872Dr. Bruce Goldberg

specializes in hypnotherapy and offers an incredible deal on a 3-hour session to combat a variety of ailments. Many people report that they have been able to quit smoking by taking advantage of hypnotherapy, while others hail the ability to combat weight gain. I am interested in its ability to increase the quality of my sleep and would love to find a relaxing way to drift away seamlessly and softly. If you love meditation and relaxation techniques, you will fall quickly for hypnotherapy.


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