Types of massages

Many people are unaware of the different types of massages that exist to cure a variety of ailments from tense muscles to sports injuries. The next time you book your massage appointment, refer to this post to ensure that you are receiving the appropriate service.

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The deep tissue massage is one of the most intense massages you can receive. By applying deeper pressure, the deep tissue massage therapist can manipulate deeper layers of muscle and focus on areas that are severely tense and sore. If you have deep pain in a muscle group, a deep tissue massage can relieve the pressure and give you much needed relief. The one drawback to the deep tissue massage is that you can be sore for a few days after the treatment, so I don’t recommend that you get a deep tissue massage before a big event! Stick with the Swedish massage, if you want something more relaxing!


The Swedish massage is one of the most popular massages, because it is blissfully relaxing. Massage therapists use long, fluid strokes to gently release tension and stress in muscles. There are several techniques involved in targeting different muscle groups/tension levels, and therapists are trained in identifying which technique is the best suited. Lotion or warm oil is applied to the skin to ensure that the therapist’s hands glide over the skin smoothly. I am a huge fan of Swedish massages, but I often find that they are so relaxing that I almost drift off to sleep. It’s definitely the type of massage you want to save for days when you have nothing pressing for the rest of the day!


If you book a massage appointment to relieve any pain or tension in your body resulting from physical activity, you may want to consider a sports massage. I once hurt my shoulder playing tennis and decided to visit my masseuse for a Swedish massage. After listening to my concerns, she immediately transferred me over to her colleague, a sports massage therapist. Sports massages differ from other massages in that they are specifically designed to target areas that have become tense due to physical exertion. If you are a runner or sports enthusiast, regular sports massages can increase your range of motion and flexibility.

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Thai massages are fantastic, because they involve placement in different yoga positions throughout the treatment, so you increase flexibility and strength while receiving a massage! Depending on your level of flexibility and strength, the massage therapist will adjust the treatment to suit your body and muscles.

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