Unique Manicure Ideas

Matching your nail polish design to an outfit is such a fun way to accessorize and show off your personality. In the fall and winter, my polish is more muted and a bit darker than it is in the spring and summer when I start the search for unique manicure ideas.


A sweet way to jazz up a manicure is to add a couple of stripes to one nail on each hand. I like the stripe colors to complement the base coat. So, I will usually do stripes in similar hues to the base, or I will pair a base with complementary colors. For example, I may do a dark navy base with a white stripe (3 cheers for the nautical look!). The best part of this look is that you can live as dangerously or safely as you’d like. A thin stripe is a great way to ease into the look and get used to polish designs, while clashing colors is fun for bold, brave occasions.

Gel Nailsshutterstock_176088665

I dealt with the never-ending battle of chipped polish for years until I learned of gel nails. Gel polish is a thicker coat of p0lish applied to the nail that lasts for several weeks. I love that my manicure lasts for weeks without chipping and looking unkempt. The high gloss finish is a lovely touch, and I can’t rave enough about it while I’m on holiday abroad. Gel polish is a total lifesaver, and you’ll always look put together and pretty with a gel manicure. If you haven’t tried a gel manicure yet, visit Nails By Jordan for a fabulous deal.


One of my favorite spring manicure looks is to do a simple manicure with a neutral base and add a bit of flair with either metallic or shimmery polish. The brightness of the metallic polish against the sophisticated base is an unexpected touch. My manicure looks similar to the one pictured, but I also love a pale, blush pink with a bright glittery gold. I once came across a gal with a rich purple paired with a metallic silver. It was stunning, and I can’t wait to pull of a similar manicure one day.

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