4 Deals That Can Change Your Life

Nothing dampens the mood like rainy weather. If you are feeling a little blue, check out these 4 deals that can change your life!

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There is no better way to jump start your life than getting more involved with your personal fitness. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of personal TLC to get your mind, body, and soul in sync. When I am feeling like I am in a rut, I always kick up my fitness level. Personal training is a fantastic way to get personalized attention on the areas you would like to work on in the most effective way possible. My abs are still sore from my last personal training session. Evolved Strength is running a fantastic deal on a one hour personal training session for $40 – a total steal for what you will receive!

If you want something a bit more high energy, kickboxing classes are amazing! Every muscle in your body is workedshutterstock_236484565 during these high intensity sessions. You will hobble around after the first few sessions, but your muscles were get stronger and you’ll get more flexible, decreasing your recovery time. I love kickboxing, and I highly recommend it to those looking to get toned, flexible, and stronger. The 40 Kickboxing classes deal at Candals is a must-have for $300 – only $7.50 per class!

shutterstock_100687009Personal Care

I am a firm believer in relaxation. If your mind and body are relaxed, then your entire life reflects your inner peace. Whether I get a massage, a body wrap, or a facial, I always aim to be as relaxed as possible during the treatment. When I unplug and take a break, I notice that I have more patience and an inner peace that slips out to make the daily grind a little more tolerable. Massage Heights fits every one’s personal care needs. From Swedish massages to luxurious European facial massages, Massage Heights knows how to keep you feeling and looking your best!

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One of the easiest ways to change how you feel is to get a unique new hair style. If I am getting ready for a fun night on the town or a big date, I love getting my hair done. Having your hair styled for a special occasion feels like a special treat, but you don’t have to save those treats for the big events. With The Hair Parlor’s special occasion deal (only $21!), you can feel your prettiest with a bouncy new ‘do!

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