5 Services to Plan a Wedding

It’s wedding season! With so many details to keep track of during your wedding, you might miss out on some of the best services available in Southern California. To ensure that your wedding is unique, exciting, and memorable, book one of these 5 services

shutterstock_136244423 Blow Out & Style

While you prep for your wedding day, your guests also want to look their best, so they’ll love it if you arrange for them to receive blow outs and styles the day of the wedding. A simple blow out can be relaxing and a great way to spend time with other guests. The best part about blow outs is that they can be tailored to fit all hair textures and lengths. Whether yours guest have short hair or long, a blow out can fit your guests’ style and work with their desired look. A fun, style morning is just what your guests will love to celebrate your wedding day.

LA Day shutterstock_208892380

When your guests come into town, they will want something fun to do in between the events you have scheduled leading up to your wedding. An LA city tour will show your guests the exciting landmarks of Los Angeles and Hollywood and give them a taste of the star life. A half-day city tour takes your guests to downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, escorting you to Rodeo Drive and the Avenue of the Stars. One fun, exciting extra bit is the drive to celebrities’ homes.

shutterstock_157439645 Photo Booth

During your reception, your guests will dance, drink, and be merry. Booking a photo booth will not only be a fun way for your guests to express their creativity but also offer them a souvenir that they will actually keep! With props, supplies, and funny faces, your photo booth is sure to be the biggest hit in the room. It’s a memorable, unique touch that will have your guests chatting for ages.


Universal Studios shutterstock_218893459(1)

One way to get your guests ready for the party is to organize a trip to Universal Studios. Running around Universal Studios with your family and friends is sure to create memories that will make your wedding more memorable and fun. See some of the most exciting movie sets and enjoy some of the most thrilling rides during your visit.


shutterstock_170017580 Makeup Application

For you, your bridesmaids, and guests, a fun make up application can help every gal feel and look her best. On the day of your wedding, book a makeup artist and your guests will feel pampered and beautiful! A makeup application is an absolute must for your wedding. With all of the photos and attention on your beautiful, glowing face, you will love the professional attention to your features.

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