Last Minute Deals

Are you feeling a little stressed out with the daily grind? To perk up your spirits, consider booking one of these fantastic last minute deals.

shutterstock_100687009Swedish Massage

A relaxing Swedish massage sounds so wonderful after a long week of hard work. A talented massage therapist can pinpoint the exact parts of your body that need extra attention to release the stress and tension that have built up after weeks of running around with urgency. This deal from Massage Heights for only $60 is the type of find that can make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. The gentle, rhythmic movements will fill you with peace and calm, and you’ll be thrilled that you BOOKed this last minute deal.

 Ashtanga Yoga shutterstock_239714965

If you want to fill your life with a lasting calm, you should look into practicing yoga. The fluidity of yoga increases mindfulness and decreases stress and anxiety, and this 3×30 yoga deal is the perfect excuse to purchase yoga clothes and a yoga mat. For only $8, you can learn how to connect your mind with your body and strengthen your muscles. Ashtanga yoga teaches you a relaxing flow of poses and movements and 3×30 is the perfect place to learn them.

shutterstock_208393711 Reiki

Reiki is designed to remove toxins from your body while promoting strong, clean energy. At the end of a Reiki session, you’ll feel lighter and taller, making you want to book another $55 session at Angela Kung Acupuncture Clinic and Wellness Center. Reiki treats your entire being, focusing on not only your body but also your emotions, spirit, and mind. This is a total spirit rejuvenation, and you’ll love the results!


Celebrate Patriots’ Day on Monday, April 20th with $30 off any service by using gift code FREEDOM30 – happy BOOKing!

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