Beach Workouts

The weather is absolutely beautiful, so take your workouts outside and head to the beach!


One great thing about doing yoga at the beach is that the crashing waves help you clear your mind and focus on your breath. Whether you are a confident expert or a nervous beginner, yoga on the beach is fun and relaxing. Don’t feel shy about doing your yoga poses around a crowd – embrace the natural beauty around you and have fun! You might find that others want to join you and learn a pose or two. If you are just starting out, you might want to take a yoga class at a studio and then take your moves to the surf once you get a handle on them.


Some may argue that running is the best form of exercise at the beach, because you don’t require any equipment. Running on the beach has two added benefits that you won’t find anywhere else. One, running on the beach offers greater resistance, so you’ll burn more calories. It is incredibly challenging to run on sand, and you’ll find that you need increased focus, stamina, and endurance to maintain the same speed at which you run on other surfaces. Second, running on the sand is easier on your knees, so if running usually results in joint pain, you might find that you can run farther on the beach. Tie up those laces and go for a jog this week!

shutterstock_133560005Body-weight Exercises

Like running, body-weight exercises are a popular beach workout, because you do not need to pack equipment. Squats, pushups, crunches, plank, and others quickly become more challenging. Your muscles will burn after the increased work at maintaining your balance on loose sand, and your body adjusts to the different surface, causing more tension and pressure. If you want an “easy” beach workout, try a few planks and pushups and work your way up to completing a full cross-circuit routine.

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