Trendy Summer Hairstyles

It’s almost summer, so take out those hair ties and try out some of these trendy summer hairstyles!

shutterstock_210135976Waves for Days

You will see beautiful loose waves everywhere this summer. This easy, no-fuss look is simple to achieve, and we love that it illuminates your natural beauty. A large barrel curling iron will help you achieve this look. Just curl your hair away from your face and start the curl at ear-level. If you don’t want to use a hot tool, you can create waves with an overnight braid. Run a smoothing serum through your hair to tame unruly strands and keep your locks looking glossy and soft.


Whether you twist your hair in a complicated bun or tie it up in a simple pony, accessories are summer 2015’s hottest new trend. Headbands, flowers, pins, and clips are popular choices, while necklaces are a unique alternative. We love high chignons and buns paired with an accessory as shown in the photo. A sweet pin lends an elegant touch while a large flower attracts attention. If you want to do something fun without purchasing new items, try out interesting designs with bobby pins! If you have colored bobby pins, arrange them into triangles, arrows, or other shapes to create sweet designs with minimal effort. Don’t be afraid to experiment this summer with different hairstyles and corresponding accessories. If you feel like your hair is looking a little shabby, try out a new cut and color before you play around with bits and bobs to give your hair a pretty touch!

shutterstock_243274207Casual Braid

If you think braids are boring and basic, you’ll be surprised when you see women sporting this look all summer. The casual braid, slung over a shoulder or twisted in an updo, takes you from day to night and keeps you looking polished and refreshed. If you have short hair, create a small braid with parted hair and pin the ends behind your ear. Longer locks can be twirled in one long braid, a fishtail, or a crown. It might look a bit sloppy at first, but by Labor Day, your will be a pro.

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