3 Benefits of Referring Friends To Deals

One of the best parts of finding a great deal is referring your friends so that they can take advantage of the discount. Here are 3 benefits of referring friends to deals.

shutterstock_223067098Share the Love

Finding a steal of deal is like finding money in a winter coat pocket – it’s thrilling and exciting and you just want to share the news with friends. Sharing the love helps your friends book fun activities and find new ways to have fun and relax. We often miss some of the most amazing deals that come around, because we don’t hear of them (UnBOOKed’s new, exciting customer preference app takes care of this!), but when we make an effort to refer, it’s a win-win!

Double the Funshutterstock_208892380

Some deals, especially those found on UnBOOKed, are more fun when you go with friends. Referring your friends to deals turns an ordinary catch-up session into something exciting. If you get a bunch of friends together, you can make a huge party out of it. Why not double the fun by referring your friends to your favorite activities? We love referring friends to our most treasured deals so that we can all go together, create warm memories, and enjoy something new.

shutterstock_243551572Dual Discount

Many referral programs have an incentive that gives your friend and you a discount. Many salons, for example, have a program that encourages you to refer a friend, who will receive a certain portion off a service, and receive a discount yourself when your friend comes in and books an appointment. Check out your favorite places and determine whether they offer an referral/incentive program.

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