3 Ways to Look Good & Save Money

Just because you want to stay in style and keep up with trends, it doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. You can look amazing and save money in the process.

shutterstock_176088665Gel Nail Polish

Going to a nail salon is an investment. You not only have to spend a couple of hours getting your nails done, but also shell out a pretty penny for those painted and polished nails. Rather than hopping over to a nail salon just before a big event, purchase a few bottles of gel nail polish at the drugstore. Target has a fantastic selection of gel polishes that will give you the salon look on a more affordable budget. Sally Hansen has a wonderful collection of beautiful colors with ultra shine. I have often been fooled into thinking that friends have spent hours at the salon to achieve the look, only to learn that they polished their nails themselves the night before a party. The best part is that the polish can be removed with normal nail polish remover, and your nails won’t become damaged in the process.

Cut & Colorshutterstock_136244423

I often spend at least $60 on haircuts, and I have heard that coloring can reach upwards of $90! If you want to have an amazing cut with a flawless color, don’t book the first appointment that you come across. You can find amazing deals on UnBOOKed Appointments and receive the same detailed, customized looks for a fraction of the cost! UnBOOKed has partnered with the best providers in town to secure jaw-dropping deals. Our providers are experts in their field and are able to perfect the most challenging cuts and the most sophisticated colors. UnBOOKed service providers are up to date on all the newest trends and can recommend the best cuts to complement your bone structure and hair texture.


You might feel the need to head over to department stores when buying new makeup, but I urge you to reconsider. Drugstore makeup has come a long way in offering products that are high-end quality. Target offers a selection of Physicians Formula products, which are natural and organic. Maybelline has the most amazing mascaras, while Cover Girl’s eyeliners are sleek and smooth. From brushes and beauty blenders to sculpting palettes and highlighters, drugstores have everything you need and rival departments stores not only in selection but also price. Beauty bloggers have done an amazing job in finding duplicates of your favorite pricey purchases, so a quick internet search can reveal your must-have items at your neighborhood Target.

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