OC Zoo Annouces Its Newest Arrival: A Bear!

If you are in Orange County, you’ll love OC Zoo’s big announcement: They have a new bear!

Orange County Zoo, a hidden gem in Irvine, has announced that a new female bear will join its merry band of animals on Saturday, July 25!

Meet Elinorshutterstock_80871202

Elinor, Orange County’s newest resident, is just over a year old and will take up permanent residence at the zoo, which rehabilitates and houses animals that are unable to be released into the wild due to health or socialization issues. Zoo officials believe that Elinor may have been hurt in a car accident and has suffered lasting health issues, resulting in her inability to thrive in the wild.

Two Bears

OC Zoo has another bear Yo-Yo who will share the enclosure on days that Elinor is not frolicking around. It is the zoo’s hope that the bears will form a friendship and can one day share the enclosure. If you are in the Orange County area, you can stop by for a sneak peak on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday! We have heard that Elinor is playful, active, and happy!


For only $2, you can gain admission to one of OC’s most interesting places. OC Zoo is located in Irvine Regional Park and hosts a variety of activities throughout the month. In addition to the bear, the zoo features bobcats, owls, a bald eagle, an ocelot, and a variety of other fun creatures. T entry fee for Irvine Regional Park is $3 per vehicle on weekdays and $5 per vehicle on weekends. While small, the zoo is large enough for you and your family to spend an hour with the animals.

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