Xamaze Tutoring

Many students are prepping for the SATs and ACT during the summer, and Xamaze Tutoring has every student covered.

UnBOOKed Appointments understands the stress that accompanies school. We know the importance colleges places on receiving high test scores, so we are thrilled to partner with Xamaze Tutoring! When you invest time and money in a tutor, you want to ensure that you will receive excellent instruction, kind explanations, and an abundance of patience. Xamaze is one of the most dedicated tutoring services in Los Angeles, and they offer incredible deals on their tutoring services.

Whether you want science, math, or business tutoring, Xamaze offers tutoring services for $25, which is a fantastic deal, considering many tutors attempt to charge students up to $50 an hour. With Xamaze, you know you’re in good hands and your success is just around the bend! Customers love Xamaze, writing “They are extremely accommodating for those with extremely busy schedules and you are able to get help for any and all subjects no matter level or age!” If you want to get a jump on your schoolwork or nail those SAT and ACT sections that have you shaking your head, check out Xamaze – you won’t regret it!


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