2 Water Saving Tips

We Californians know the pressure of finding ways to save water. We all know the standard tip of turning off water while you brush your teeth and taking shorter showers, but these 2 little known tips have kept our plants and lawn looking lovely even on the driest days.

2Fruit and Vegetable Water

When you rinse off your fruits and vegetables after purchasing them from the market, catch that clean water in a bucket or pot. You can pour that water into planters and outside to help your trees and flowers stay healthy. Because we have a twice a week water restriction, so many trees, bushes, and flowers are drying up from the lack of water. Saving water from fruit and vegetable rinses is a great way to ensure that some of your greenery is saved.

Catch Rain Water1

Even though it doesn’t rain as much as we’d like, we can still maximize our rainwater by catching it in large buckets. When we get a forecast for rain, we should put out buckets and containers in areas where foliage is not present so that we can continue using the rainwater long after our flowerbeds have dried up. Home Depot and Lowes sell sophisticated rain-catching contraptions, but you can put out any container that will collect the water. Some of the more sophisticated rain catchers involve a large tarp or metal bowl that covers a large surface. The water funnels into the rain catcher after it hits the large tarp and you’ll be amazed at how much water you are left with to water your plants.



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