What is cardio kickboxing?

With so many types of exercise classes available, it’s often difficult to keep up with every new addition. One of the most popular types of exercise is cardio kickboxing. If you are thinking about signing up for a high-energy workout, cardio kickboxing is definitely for you. So, what is cardio kickboxing?


One of the biggest complaints of working out is that exercise regimens often become dull and mundane. Doing the same moves in the same pattern takes the fun out of working out. The beauty of cardio kickboxing is that you are taken through a variety of kicks and punches. From jabs and uppercuts to shin blocks and high kicks, cardio kickboxing keeps things interesting and lively. The routines and motions can vary with each workout, so you never have to do the same workout twice. Even the warm up, which consists of standing crisscross crunches and torso rotations are interesting. Each “round” of exercise can incorporate your favorite moves and combinations. I am a fan of the two high kicks followed by two uppercuts combination.


The first question to ask when switching to a new workout is what are the benefits? Cardio kickboxing is amazingly beneficial for your overall health. In a one-hour class, you can lose up to 1,200 calories! In addition to weight loss, cardio kickboxing improves balance, flexibility, and strength. Since your warmups involve intense workouts, your abs will be tight and toned. Your endurance and stamina increase and you’ll notice that your breathing feels easier. Since this is a cardio workout, you’ll heart health increases as does your lung capacity. Part of maintaining a healthy body is to engage in cardio activities three times a week for at least 30 minutes. Cardio kickboxing is a fun, energetic workout that hits every exercise goal and health plan.


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