Best Apps for Moms

Many parents spend their free moments checking their cell phones to decompress from the stresses of parenthood. Browsing Facebook and Instagram feels luxurious, but there are moments when one feels a tiny bit guilty for looking at the latest updates on one’s newsfeed. Chatting with new parents prompted me to compile a list of the best apps that you should download the next time you need a break but still want to feel productive.

Unbooked Appointments

When you use the Unbooked app, you can rest assured that you’ll never miss out on an amazing appointment again. Moms are always on the go and often don’t have a free moment to scour the web looking for the best deals. With Unbooked’s app, you can quickly access the appointments that cater to your interests at the times that work best for you. Why not get a relaxing massage during your baby’s next nap?

Baby Sprout

Everything a newborn does feels and looks magical and novel, and you want to savor every moment of that precious and too short time. With Baby Sprout, parents can keep track of every aspect of their child’s life. This app has every tracking tool, including countdowns, calendars, and checklists. From immunization tracking tools to feeding schedules, Baby Sprout ensures that your child’s health is a priority. While the tracking tools are helpful, it is the milestones aspect that makes Baby Sprout the best app for parents. The milestones section allows parents to take photos, add memories, and share moments with friends and family. Parents can then export the memory sections to create eBooks.

Day One

If you read the Baby Sprout description and were more interested in the memory aspect, then Day One is the app for you. Day One encourages people to write and tell stories, which are attached to memories. With its intuitive interface, you can upload photos and attach journal entries. This is the perfect app for those who like to document their lives as they are living it. Day One also has an eBook feature, which can be printed and turned into physical books.


So we have Baby Sprout that has every bell and whistle and Day One, which serves as a memory journal, but what if you want something that allows you to update your loved ones with photos? 23Snaps is an app that lets families privately share photos and videos. The app is easy to use, and the photos and videos can be shared with anyone – even those who do not purchase 23Snaps. Similar to Day One and Baby Sprout, 23Snaps has a feature to create memory books.

Mom Maps

Every mom on the go knows the stress of trying to find a place or activity to keep children engaged. Mom Maps uses GPS to search lists of nearby playgrounds, museums, play areas, and parks, which have all been reviewed by parents for parents. So the next time that you are traveling (even abroad!) and want to find a place that your kids will love, download Mom Maps and blend in with the locals.

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