Pumpkin Carving Party!

Halloween is just around the corner! To get your children and their friends even more riled up for October 31st, throw a pumpkin carving party. Kids love any excuse to celebrate, play, and spend time with their friends, and this activity is a great way to get to know your children’s friends and their parents. Here are a few suggestions to host the most exciting pumpkin carving party…


No party is complete without the ultimate playlist. Keep spirits high by playing these ten spooky tunes.

  1. “That Old Black Magic,” Ella Fitzgerald
  2. “Beetlejuice: Main Titles,” composed by Danny Elfman
  3. “Werewolves of London,” Warren Zevon
  4. “Ghostbusters,” Ray Parker Jr.
  5. “In the Midnight Hour,” Wilson Pickett
  6. “Spooky,” the Classics IV
  7. “Thriller,” Michael Jackson
  8. “I Put a Spell on You,” Nina Simone
  9. “Witchcraft,” Frank Sinatra
  10. “I Want Candy,” Bow Wow Wow


While pumpkin carving should be the main event in the party, having a few games will increase the fun for children and parents alike. Create a simple ring toss game by setting up three small pumpkins with large stems and have participants toss rings around the stems. Kids always enjoy pumpkin bowling, which is an easy enough game to set up and requires minimal supervision. Cluster a group of squash so that they stand on their own and find a round pumpkin that can be used as a bowling ball.  Partygoers of all ages enjoy racing games, so tie pieces of ribbon around doughnuts and hang from the ceiling. Participants can race each other to eat the doughnuts without using their hands.


Ask your guests bring their pumpkins to the party. Provide carving tools and all other accessories, including paper templates that can be used for carving. Be sure to provide paper pumpkin templates for the older crowd as well as the children. Templates for the younger crowd, featuring PBS, Nick Jr., and Disney characters, will help tiny hands create masterpieces. Make sure that all children using carving tools are supervised to prevent injuries.

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