The best nail polish

I often do not wear makeup, and I enjoy letting the sun and wind dry my hair, encouraging my natural waves to appear. The one beauty ritual that I always engage in, however, is polished nails. I must have perfectly manicured nails at all times. While other gals enjoy brightly colored hues with complex designs, I favor a more neutral, natural look, and I finally found the perfect nail polish – Dior’s Nail Glow.

When my friend’s hand flew across her face during an animated retelling of a conversation, I immediately stopped her and asked about her nail polish. This lovely color was subtle and feminine. Tired of applying soft pink hues, I left her house and drove straight to Nordstrom to purchase Dior’s Nail Glow.

This enchanting color makes nails pinker and creates a color that makes nails glow and, and it works with any skin tone. Every gal should wear this universal color. It’s the perfect nail polish, and I have already added it to the list of Christmas gifts for friends.

What’s your favorite nail polish? I’d love to hear!

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