Thanksgiving is in one week! Have you started to prepare for the feast that you will make on Thursday? I have been steadily gathering ingredients for my family’s Thanksgiving meal, and I have been tasked with making the desserts this year. Usually, my family members bake treats and purchase pies, but this year, I decided to bake all of the desserts, including the pies. I have asking my pastry chef friend for tips, and I have made a list of the most important things to remember when baking pies.

Keep it chilly

The most important tip my pastry chef friend gave is to keep the ingredients and utensils cold. The dough, butter, rolling pin, and cutting board should all be refrigerated and kept cold throughout the process. If the dough warms, the crust will be heavy and thick. Warm butter that melts into the dough will have the same effect, creating tough crust. A warm cutting board or rolling pin will exacerbate the problem, so it is important to continually refrigerate the utensils and ingredients in between each stage.

Coat the crust

To give your crust that beautiful shine, glaze the top with egg yolk and a dash of water. Brush the mixture on the top of the crust several times during baking to make the crust a golden and shiny sheen. For blueberry pies, my friend suggests adding sprinkles of long-grain sugar to give the pies a more rustic look.

Fancy Crust

If you are having trouble creating a masterful lattice top on your pie, use a cookie cutter to create festive shapes out of dough. Fall leaves, pumpkins, and trees are all shapes that enhance the festive mood and will make your pies look professional.

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