Thanksgiving Conversation

When you sit around the dinner table with your family and friends for Thanksgiving, what do you talk about? The usual topics of work and activities are usually exhausted when guests first arrive, and for many families, there is a lull in conversation during the actual meal. While I enjoy companionable silence, there are some who find such quiet time unsettling and boring. If you want to liven up your table talk and get the conversation started, bring up one of these topics on Thursday…


Every person has attended a wedding that created strong memories. Whether the memories are good or bad, each guest will have a fun time telling their story and their impression of the day. Listening to stories about wedding disasters or exciting moments often sparks conversations about friends, relationships, entertaining, and marriage. It is always a good time when someone talks about a wedding story.


I once went out to dinner with one of my best friends and her father and he spent the evening telling us about his travels around the world. None of the stories were particularly funny or frightening, but they were memorable because of the details he provided. He spoke about the weather, what he wore, the people around him, and how he felt during those moments. One of the most interesting stories he told was of a mundane outing to the local grocery store in France. He described the different foods on the shelves, the frozen section, cheese counter, and he compared his experience to other grocery stores in different European countries. People love listening to (and telling) stories about travels and other cultures, so my family always chats about their recent adventures.


This topic is a bit tricky because you do not want to spoil a book for people who have not read it and intend to, so be mindful of those around you. When discussing books, it’s a good idea to ask whether someone has read a book or has it on their wishlist before diving into the shocking ending. When I discuss a book, I usually describe a specific scene or theme on which to build a foundation for a point or thought. My family loves to read and discussing how a character develops or the way the writer described the human condition is a sure way to get people chatting.

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