Thanksgiving Leftovers

Happy day after Thanksgiving! Did you have a wonderful time eating and socializing? Now that you have settled in for Thanksgiving weekend and your refrigerator is filled with leftovers, you are probably wondering how to spend your weekend. I always schedule a massage to help me relax and destress from cooking Thanksgiving dinner and then ponder ways to revitalize the leftovers. If you are in a similar situation, you will appreciate these fantastic Thanksgiving leftover ideas…

Most people settle for a delicious sandwich, but I am interested in a more healthful option: salad. I combine leftover vegetables with a tiny bit of stuffing to make a salad that is dressed with cranberry sauce. It is delicious and tastes like autumn. My relatives add diced turkey and other meat to their salads and my young cousins like to sneak in candied yams when their parents are not looking.

Making soup with leftover dishes is another option, and I always purchase a few extra containers of vegetable stock to make a wild rice and vegetable soup. My cousins prefer a wild rice and turkey option and sometimes add noodles to make the soup heartier.

For breakfast, my family loves to make a variety of options to suit everyone’s culinary interest. The main dish, however, is pancakes, and we top each one with a generous portion of cranberry sauce. Last year, my uncle added a bit of pumpkin pie to the batter to jazz up the breakfast even more.


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