Thanksgiving Prep

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and if you are hosting this year, you are probably starting to feel the pressure. Making Thanksgiving dinner can overwhelm the hosting family, so it is important to get some of the minor details out of the way before tomorrow. Last minute Thanksgiving prep can ease stress and ensure that tomorrow runs as smoothly as possible. To focus on cooking the turkey and spending time with your family and friends, follow these tips to free up time tomorrow…

Make your side dishes today so that you can focus on the main dishes tomorrow. Vegetables, mashed potatoes, desserts, and stuffing ingredients can be prepared today and reheated tomorrow just before the meal. One of the perils of hosting Thanksgiving is that you will likely spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen, which means that mingling time decreases significantly. Preparing the side dishes today means that you just have to focus on the proteins and some of the more complicated side dishes tomorrow.

Dishes and cutlery should be organized and gathered today and placed to the side. In addition to the turkey burning, a major disaster on Thanksgiving is that there are not enough plates or forks for your guests. Count the items today so that you can make a quick stop to the store to purchase plates if you are short.

Clean the kitchen and family room tonight and you will thank yourself in the morning. Walking into a clean kitchen will make the cooking process easier, and a clutter-free family room means that you will not have to dash around your guests to rearrange items for their comfort.

If you have guests staying at your home, sort out their rooms and bedding. No one wants to hobble around after consuming a delicious Thanksgiving meal to make beds and allocate towels. Have rooms and bathrooms ready for your guests and direct them to their temporary living quarters upon arrival.

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