3 Favorite Etsy Shops

After a string of engagements and birthdays, we started to run out of gift ideas. When we purchase gifts, we like to tailor the present to each friend and find items that are as unique as our friendships. One of the best places to find special items is Etsy.

Etsy is a fantastic place to discover artists and uncover a treasure trove of handmade products. Shop shelves have become increasingly lined with mass produced items of shoddy workmanship. With Etsy, you can find made-to-order items from artists around the world who use local resources to construct their pieces.

In the past couple of months, we have purchased items from the following shops and have received gushing gratitude from our friends.


A dear friend recently celebrated a birthday, and finding the perfect gift became a daily endeavor. This friend lives in London, so shipping became a concern as well as finding an item that would not break in transit. Scouring art blogs became a new obsession and suddenly an article appeared highlighting Sidonie Yang, a Canadian artist, who creates the most beautiful items from washable paper, a biodegradable eco-friendly material that assumes a soft, worn-in texture with proper use and care. After spending summers in London, we know the challenges of carting around handfuls of coins, so we settled on purchasing this delightful coin purse. We are so taken with the coin purse that we are adding this wallet to our wishlist.


One of our favorite pieces of jewelry is this book necklace made from vintage leather and parchment paper. When a fellow bibliophile celebrated a birthday, we placed an order for a similar necklace and happily watched the birthday girl gush over the handmade necklace. Margaux and Walter Kent are the husband and wife team behind PegandAwl and everything in their shop is of premium quality and artistry. PegandAwl products have been featured in Martha Stewart Living, Daily Candy, the New York Times.


Two friends recently got engaged and to celebrate this special moment in their courtship, we purchased these versatile heavy-duty canvas bags that have been hand-waxed to ensure longevity. This couple loves to bum around the local farmers market on the weekends and we can picture them stuffing these bags with crispy carrots and plump tomatoes. We loved the quality of the bags so much that we have added this accessory roll to our Christmas list. Colin Evan Pritchett, the artist and creator of ItalicHome, spent his childhood poking around his father’s wood shop and soon discovered a love of “designing and constructing functional, physical objects with a modern edge and a focus on minimalism.”

Discovering new artists and finding items that make our friends and family smile are two of the best parts of shopping on Etsy, but the biggest reason why we peruse the site is that we enjoy supporting people who are passionate about their talents and work.

Have you found any great Etsy products? We’d love to check out your favorite shops!

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