A Smarter Coupon Redemption

UnBooked is changing the process of online promotions, empowering appointment-based businesses to take full control over their online selling efforts.

We’ve joined forces with Valpak to bring you the most innovative coupon redemption process on the market. With just a few clicks, your customers can secure great deals that work for everyone.

With UnBooked’s platform, appointment-based business owners now have total control over online promotions, allowing customers to book and buy promotions during only the pre-defined times set by the business.  In perfect harmony with Valpak, gone are the days of customers arriving with printed coupons during peak hours. With UnBooked, businesses promote unsold inventory during their slow and off-peak periods and turn it into additional revenue.

Steve Pfrenzinger, UnBooked’s CEO says it best, “Today’s unsold appointments are perishable and worthless tomorrow, just like unsold hotel rooms.  We help service providers promote and sell this excess capacity to people who will pre-pay and come in when a provider is not busy.  Everybody wins!”

UnBooked solves one of the biggest problems in the world of coupons for an appointment-based business: potential to cut into peak profits. Instead, businesses can now afford to offer continuous promotions without a worry. Allow UnBooked to help you take charge of your promotional efforts to sell your inventory at a price and time that suits not only your business, but also brings value and convenience to your customers.

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