The Nitty-Gritty of Optimizing Your Pricing

Want to entice customers to book appointments? UnBooked has you covered.

UnBooked helps you offer appointments with the right prices by utilizing yield management, a process that adjusts the prices of perishable services to maximize revenue and profits.

The basic idea of optimizing your pricing as it applies to the services industry can be described in three steps: First, maximize yield (offer as many appointment options during the week as possible to give your customers choices), second, sell more services (provide customers with great prices to get them booking), and third, reduce excess capacity (businesses benefit from encouraging customers to book these otherwise “unbooked” appointments).

One of the reasons why variable pricing works well in the services industry is that it evens out demand across the entire week, making slow and off-peak times a thing of the past. The number of unsold appointments or classes decreases, because customers have so many opportunities to take advantage of the right price.

UnBooked understands the power of optimizing your pricing in the services industry. The UnBooked solution helps your business seize every opportunity to maximize revenue. We’ve seen what the travel industry accomplished with Priceline, so let’s see how UnBooked revolutionizes the professional services industry. Variable Pricing + Pre-Payment = More Revenue and Fewer No-Shows.

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