When great companies come together to create a customer-centric approach to business, something magical happens. UnBooked has built a powerful integration with MINDBODY allowing businesses everywhere to seamlessly optimize their calendars and maximize their revenue. MINDBODY is a leader in linking health, wellness, and beauty professionals to customers. MINDBODY’s commitment to helping small businesses thrive in their local communities is one of the reasons why UnBooked is so thrilled to work with a company that really places customers and businesses first.

Our integration with MINDBODY is a natural fit, since we too have dedicated our efforts to helping businesses grow. With our recent yield management software enhancements, and enhanced capacity features, UnBooked is truly one-stop shop for MINDBODY businesses looking to optimize their online sales process and maximize revenue. Taking a nod from the airline industry, using the UnBooked integration you’ll have access to a power-house customer purchase page on the front-end, that syncs up with MINDBODY to book through to your back-end. Putting your best foot forward with a page designed to make you more money, all while keeping life-as-you-know-it intact.

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The UnBooked team recently attended MINDBODY’s BOLD conference in Hollywood, California where we listened to business owners discuss their passion and dedication to their work, learned what technologies businesses need to continue growing, and left inspired after immersing ourselves in all things health and wellness. By attending sessions and reaching out to experts, we had our finger on the pulse of industry trends and received invaluable feedback, which we have used to improve our tools to best meet the needs of businesses.

We are constantly amazed by the small businesses that work hard to provide wellness services to the public. It is an extraordinary endeavor to enrich the lives of others, and UnBooked is honored to be a part of that journey.

To continue improving the way we empower businesses, we are currently collaborating with users, offering exclusive opportunities to understand how we can best meet your needs. If you are a MINDBODY business interested in learning more, please contact cheilman@unbookedappointments.com

Steven Pfrenzinger (CEO) Brittany Errico (Director of Marketing) at #BOLDBash

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