Tuesday Testimonial

We could share the excitement we hear at the UnBooked office every day, but we’ll stick to unveiling it on Tuesdays :)

Our favorite part of getting great feedback from our UnBooked businesses, is being able to share it with other businesses. In the wellness industry, relating to the struggles of a fellow salon or studio owner is common. But the shared excitement of finding something to make life easier is something worth talking about.

Mendi McColley, owner of The Hair Spa in Lafayette, IN, has been an UnBooked fan for 4 months now. She recently ran an email promotion to her UnBooked page that had a 37% booking rate.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 4.23.06 PM

Finally, promotions that work for customers AND wellness businesses. Filling available appointment times with booked and paid customers, rather than filling your calendar with no shows during profitable times. As McColley says, her “favorite part about Unbooked is it eliminates income loss for no show appointments.”

Her stylists love the new process, and they’re urging their customers and call-ins to only book via the UnBooked page moving forward. “The word is getting out and our guests and new guests are starting to find it easier every day to book online [though UnBooked].” Their existing and new customers are paying the right price, at the right time, with the added ease of a great online booking page.

We love a good win-win success story. If you’re interested in getting your success story started today, click here. ¬†And, if you’re in the Lafayette area, be sure to go say “Hi” to Mendi and check this place out!

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